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Medium voltage switchgear

Medium voltage switchgear is a metal-clad switchgear for indoor installation. Compartments in the units are separated by means of metal partitions, and parts under voltage are freestanding. The switchgear is modular and installed…

Low voltage switchgear

Modular and fixed low voltage switchgear rated up to 5000A, Group motor starters (MCC) - fix type rated up to 3200A, Group motor starters (MCC) - withdrawable type rated up…

Marine equipment and devices

Main switchgear cabinets rated up to 1kV, 6300A (with fixed and withdrawable groups), Auxiliary switchboard cabinets rated up to 1kV, 6300A (with fixed and withdrawable groups), Group motor starters (MCC)…

Erecting, overhaul and services

Delivery, installation, erection, testing and comissioning of: transformer substations and distribution substations on 35/10(20)/0,4kV, industrial plants, cranes and transport systems, water treatment plants and pump-stations, highway and free-roads, hospitals, hotels…


Medium voltage air-insulated arc resistant switchgear




BVK–A-38 is a metal enclosed, air insulated switchgear with a withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker and a single busbar system. Switchgears are type tested for the 38kV rated voltage and up to 1250A rated current . All standard switchgear types have a width of 1400mm, and are designed for a freestanding indoor installation.
The switchgear with a withdrawable circuit-breakers for indoor installation is suitable for:

  • Power stations
  • Transformer stations
  • Switching substations


Technical characteristics


All metal parts are made from steel, inox or galvanized sheet steel, with thickness of 2, 2.5 and 3mm. The anticorrosive protection is made by powder-coating in the color of grey - RAL 7032.
Functionality, safety and protection against electrical shock and ingess of solid foreign bodies is achieved by:

Complete enclosure of the panels in all operating states

  • Internal metal compartments with enforced operation shutters
  • Standard version degree of protection IP40/IP20, with IP31 for LV compartment
  • Mechanical switchgear interlocks
  • Functional insulating of all electrical conducting parts

 Note: All interlocks are electro-mechanical with preventive, key-operated access shutters: 

  • Operating levers can only be inserted when the interlocking conditions are fulfilled
  • This prevents impermissible overstraining of the interlocking mechanisms


Electrical characteristics

All electrical parts are copper and copper coated with silver. Adequate electric strength of BVK-A-38 switchgear is assured by:

  • Sufficiently large air gaps between phases and earth
  • Suitable busbars shape
  • Suitable insulation elements
  • Ribbed insulators in cast resin, with high resistance to pollution



Minimum maintenance effort is assured by:

  • Total enclosure under all operating conditions
  • Use of proven, maintenance-free vacuum switching devices
  • Using main elements with draw-out properties



 The switchgear usualy consists of four compartments:

  • Busbar compartment
  • Withdrawable part compartment(s)
  • Connection compartment
  • Low voltage compartment



Commercially available flat copper on commercially available cast-resin insulators. Busbars are bolted with length according to panel width. Busbar compartment is continuous throughout the entire installation Transverse compartmentalization with respect to neighboring panels is possible.

Busbar insulation is not necessary because dielectric strength is also guaranteed without insulation.


Terminal compartment

Access to the compartment is possible from the back and from the bottom. Earthing and short-circuiting is done by earthing switch directly at the point of connection. Attachment of a fixed-mounted voltage transformers within the current transformer protection zone is possible.

It can have various draw-out sections:

  • Withdrawable vacuum circuit-breaker section
  • Withdrawable vacuum switch section
  • Withdrawable disconnector-link section
  • Withdrawable metering section


Operating cabinet

Use for accommodating the devices for protection, control, adjustment and metering. IP31 level of protection. Shock-proof partitioning from the high-voltage section. Pressure-resistant partitioning from the highvoltage section. Control wires of the panel are flexible and have metal tubes for conections with other compartments. Electrical operation and switch position indication on low-voltage compartment


Nominal values

Rated voltage kV 38
Rated frequency Hz 50
Short-duration power frequency withstand voltage / 1min. kV 70
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 170
Short-time withstand current(3 sec.) kA 25
Peak withstand current kA 63
Normal current fo busbars A 1250
Normal current of feeders A 630/1250
Width mm 1400
Depth mm 2450
Height mm 2450
Ambient temperature °C 50



 BVK-A-38 type switchgear for indoor installation complies with the following valid standards:

  • IEC 60694
  • IEC 62271-200
  • IEC 60529
  • IEC 62271-100
  • IEC 62271-102
  • IEC 60044-1
  • IEC 60044-2
  • IEC 60282-1
  • IEC 61243-5 

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