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Medium voltage switchgear

Medium voltage switchgear is a metal-clad switchgear for indoor installation. Compartments in the units are separated by means of metal partitions, and parts under voltage are freestanding. The switchgear is modular and installed…

Low voltage switchgear

Modular and fixed low voltage switchgear rated up to 5000A, Group motor starters (MCC) - fix type rated up to 3200A, Group motor starters (MCC) - withdrawable type rated up…

Marine equipment and devices

Main switchgear cabinets rated up to 1kV, 6300A (with fixed and withdrawable groups), Auxiliary switchboard cabinets rated up to 1kV, 6300A (with fixed and withdrawable groups), Group motor starters (MCC)…

Erecting, overhaul and services

Delivery, installation, erection, testing and comissioning of: transformer substations and distribution substations on 35/10(20)/0,4kV, industrial plants, cranes and transport systems, water treatment plants and pump-stations, highway and free-roads, hospitals, hotels…


MV Earthing switches for indor applications up to 36kV

Earthing switches are designed to satisfy the most requirements for earhing cable outgoings in MV cubicles up to 36kV. Nominal switch current are from 630A to 2500A.
Blades are manufactured from high conductivity copper coated with silver. For fast swithching earthing switch have toggle mechanism for manual closing and opening.



The insulator carries contact. Blade contacts are made of special copper profile, which ensures great mechanical and thermal strength during high currents. Contact pressure in parallel moving contacts is obtained by means of compression springs. Currents in parallel moving contact blades are mutually attracting each other with great force which results in high contact pressure in case high shot currents.


Technical details

Nominal voltage [Un] 13,8kV 33kV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (1,2/50µs) 95kV 170kV
Power frequency withstand voltage (50Hz, 1min) 38kV 70kV
Nominal current 630/2500A 1250A
Short-time withstand current (3sec) 25kA 25kA
Short circuit making current 63kA 63kA



...according to IEC 62271/200

KONCAR designs earthling switch according to your specific requirements, too. Please ask for detailed dimension drawings, or tell us your requirements and specifications. We will be pleased to propose a custom solution, or to jointly develop one with you.


Types and measures

There are two types earthing switches. One is for 13,8kV (630A and 2500A) and second for 33kV (1250A). Dimensions are on the pictures below.

Zemljospojnici-002 Zemljospojnici-003 Zemljospojnici-004


U sljedećoj tablici prikazane su osnovne karakteristike pojedinog zemljospojnika:

Tipska oznaka zemljospojnika Nazivni napon Nazivna struja
ZGB 17-25-210 13,8kV 630A
ZGB 17-25-275 13,8kV 2500A
RGB 38-25-SA 33kV 1250A



There are two typical schematics earthing switches. One is for 13,8kV and second for 33kV.


Notice: We reserve the rights of changing the data, due to continuous development of specifications and materials. Characteristics and dimensions can be regarded as binding only on our confirmation.

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