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Medium voltage switchgear

Medium voltage switchgear is a metal-clad switchgear for indoor installation. Compartments in the units are separated by means of metal partitions, and parts under voltage are freestanding. The switchgear is modular and installed…

Low voltage switchgear

Modular and fixed low voltage switchgear rated up to 5000A, Group motor starters (MCC) - fix type rated up to 3200A, Group motor starters (MCC) - withdrawable type rated up…

Marine equipment and devices

Main switchgear cabinets rated up to 1kV, 6300A (with fixed and withdrawable groups), Auxiliary switchboard cabinets rated up to 1kV, 6300A (with fixed and withdrawable groups), Group motor starters (MCC)…

Erecting, overhaul and services

Delivery, installation, erection, testing and comissioning of: transformer substations and distribution substations on 35/10(20)/0,4kV, industrial plants, cranes and transport systems, water treatment plants and pump-stations, highway and free-roads, hospitals, hotels…


Distributive LV switchgear cabinets - NBO

Low voltage switchgear with fuses type (2) NBO is a free pre-made type-tested product easy to install and safe in operation. The modularity of his construction system ensures its suiting the demands of consumption. 


Low-voltage switchgear assemblies are designed for distribution of electric power to substations in 10 (20) / 0.4 kV transformers with power up to 1000 kVA. Performance is in the form of an open glass with door to the supply, and also could be made special gate to the outlet, by demand. They are made of steel, corrosion-protected electrostatic powder paint application, color RAL7032. Due to the modular construction system, these blocks are easily extended by installing additional fields to the left and right of the existing built-in low-voltage block. The new filed can be added simply by removing sides and connecting the new field to an existing block. The blocks are manufactured in several varieties, and there are performances with additional functions that are commonly used in substations. There is a version with the addition for control of public lighting, then a fixed compensation for power transformer, and various versions according to special customer requirements.


Technical description

Switchgear type (2) NBO is made in accordance with IEC regulations. The block is manufactured and tested according to IEC 60439-1.
In accordance with the typing of HEP, it fully meets the requirements of HEP N.012.01. Handling and assembling is easy. Reliability is very high due to simplifying the production and by using high quality equipment. It is generally designed to meet the standard distribution transformers of 630kVA, so that has the supply to the switch from 1250A, and in extended version for 1000kVA transformers, supply with the switch since 1600A. Some outgoing feeders are standard nominal sizes of 400A, so that the user can change the size of the fuse-link by decreasing to change the power of individual feeder.


Technical details

NBO 10K 2NBO 10K
Rated voltage V 400
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 1250 1600
Rated short-time withstand current [1s] kA 25
Rated peak withstand current kA 52,5
Protection degree IP00
Weight kg 250 280


Switchgear, which is designated as a feeder from transformer, has switch installed in the upper part, that means switch and all the necessary standard equipment to protect the transformer from overload and short circuit (both versions are designed to protect the transformer gas relay or any contact thermometer). There is LV signaling power transformer protection tripping thermal protector switching provided. By request, it is possible to add elements that allow remote signaling of medium and low voltage disconnecting switches.

Transformer connections on this block will be on the upper or rear side, depending on customer preference. When ordering the block, must indicate the performance of ports.

The construction of the block was performed based on the element KON KOMPAKT type cabinets, as well as the decor is standard color RAL7032. Scratch is a free-standing, attached to the floor of the room using special fasteners.


The construction of the block is made ​​from pickled or galvanized metal sheet, thickness 2 mm, coated protected against corrosion. Construction is necessary to specify when order. The back and blind sides are closed with tin elements that are attached with screws and easily removable.

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